Resolution update, first quarter

Read 24 books.
It is now the beginning of March, to stay on track I should have read 4-5 books by now! Unfortunately, I’ve only finished three! But I am in the middle of seven, so I’ll consider this resolution on track.

Lose 25 pounds.
Along with this one, I committed to giving up sugar for the first two months of the year. I kept that up (aside from the occasional dark chocolate chips and hot chocolate shared with my daughter!) until March and since then have been eating sugar again. I felt so much better in those two months that I have decided to continue this resolution for the rest of the year, with some exceptions. I will be allowed a small amount of dark chocolate chips every day and sugar on holidays and big events (not just “I’m celebrating cuz it’s Friday!”).

Teach Audrey 26 verses.
I started strong with this one, but the past few weeks I have lost track of this goal. So this blog post is a great reminder to continue with this!

27 Randoms.
For these, I will give myself an elementary school grade of Satisfactory, plus or minus.
Walk more. n/a (snow!)
Be thankful. S
Be joyful. S
Love better. S+
Be patient. S
Show God’s love. S
Be active. S-
Play with David on the floor. S-
Write more. S-
Finish projects. S
Make playdates. S
Floss more. S+
Play badminton with my dad. n/a (still snow!)
Laminate verses. S
Bake healthy alternatives. S
Do stretches daily. S
Finish basement. S (At least it’s usable now!)
Drink more water. S
Get outside. S
Sit up straight. S
Finish children’s story for Audrey. S-
Go to the beach more. n/a (too much snow!)
Spend less. S+
Read Bible before Facebook. S-
Encourage others. S
Step outside my comfort zone. S+
Be brave. S+


~ by Amy on March 8, 2015.

One Response to “Resolution update, first quarter”

  1. Good for you Amy! I just completed a 6 week gluten free trial. It is hard to not eat things you want to, but I persevered and made it through. Sugar is a huge weakness for me as well, but I am also currently fasting from it. Keep up the good work!

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