Resolution Update since June

Exercise at least four times per week; at least 2 of those times should be lifting weights.
The first half of the year I did really well with this one, but then the “morning sickness” hit and I stopped exercising.  Since then, I’ve picked it back up a bit, but have cut back due to the pregnancy.

Lose 20 pounds.
Well, I did lose 15 lbs, but it was due to the morning sickness… and now I’m back up 20 pounds over where I was!

Read at least 36 books.
By the end of the year, I’ll have read around 24 books.  Again, the morning sickness threw me off since I couldn’t do anything for about 8 weeks, but I still think I did pretty well on this one, especially considering I was only at 5 in June.  I’ll post a list shortly after the New Year.

Post on needchocolate at least once per month.
A success!  Although I did have to cheat once, but I’m counting it anyway!

Read through the Bible in one year.
Again, I stopped reading during my 8 weeks of nausea, so that got me too behind to be able to finish by year’s end.  (And if you remember from my last update in June, I was behind already!)

Make our house a comfortable home.
I think I did this one pretty well.  It’s rather subjective, but I invite any of you (non-strangers, non-perverts) to come on over and see how cozy our house is!

So, not a complete failure, but I think the pregnancy and morning sickness really threw me for a loop!  Although, it may just be an excuse for failing half of my resolutions…  But I will tell you one thing, my resolutions will not be nearly as ambitious next year!  If pregnancy can throw me off so much, what will having a baby do??



~ by Amy on December 12, 2010.

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