Resolutions update April through December

Because I am now providing Social Media services to people other than myself, my blog has gone by the wayside. But I am still committed to posting at least once a month; I don’t want to ruin my streak! So I thought with the end of the year approaching and new resolutions brewing in my mind for the start of next year, I should update you with how my resolutions went for this year.

  1. From January to April, I was excellent at the first one (exercise at least 3x per week). Then I quit for two months. Then I started again for three months. And December, as December is for everyone, has been too busy to even think about exercising! (Don’t correct my math here, please.)
  2. I did not, nor do I plan to, take the GRE.  Although I did spend a good amount of time studying for it and now have a much larger vocabulary than I did previously (that is not adumbration, people).
  3. I came so close to this one!  If it hadn’t been for the month of December, I would have probably finished all 30 books.  But alas!  I am four short.  Even if I count the two I am in the middle of right now, it wouldn’t get me there.  However, I am still proud of myself because I did read several books from my Summer Reading and will use a separate post to provide you with my entire list from this year.
  4. I did well practicing Spanish and Hindi until we left India and our subscription to the Rosetta Stone software expired.  As practical as Spanish would be to learn, I wish so much I could have continued with Hindi even more!  I really did enjoy it and if I had the money, I would purchase the Hindi Rosetta Stone for myself.  But I can probably read, speak, and write more Hindi than you can!  And just that makes it worth it.

So that’s the story.  Though I didn’t accomplish even one of my resolutions completely, I do not consider this year a loss.  Ryan and I have spent time living in India, we vacationed in London, and we bought a house!  If anything, this year has been an amazing adventure.  And it is enough for me that I even tried to accomplish all of my resolutions.


~ by Amy on December 13, 2009.

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