Random Project

I love having projects.  And I love writing about my projects.  In fact, I have a whole “Chocolate flavor” category on projects that I’m currently working on: unsweetened.  At any given time, I am working on a quilt or two, in the middle of a knitted scarf, learning a language, working through a book list, and a bunch of random projects (at one point I even built my own doll house!  I wish I had those pictures to share.).

Yesterday’s random project: designer sleep masks.  We have a plethora of sleep masks, due to our many recent international flights.  They are all plain blue, very boring.  But since we have several more long international flights in the next couple months, I thought I needed to spruce them up a bit.

Photo 285

I sewed on the material, embroidered a couple flowers, then sewed on the beads (from some earrings I no longer wear), and voila!  Perhaps I will make more, perhaps not (am I really going to wear this one on the plane, let alone a variety of them?).  I’ll probably just move on to the next project.


~ by Amy on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Random Project”

  1. Love your mask Amy! You are becoming quite the seamstress, very creative and fun. Keep up the good work. 🙂
    Mom W

  2. Great idea! You should sell them on “Etsy” – hahha!

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