Weird Bugs

As many of my devoted readers will know, I have a huge fear of bugs.  So it’s one thing to be in the US and recognize the tiny enemies, but it’s a whole new story to be in India and not know what species of danger you are facing.  For example, I have seen bugs that look like an R’s*, but are black with red markings.  We also have brown flies that have the segmented body of an ant and are huge and gross (I guess gross should be implied when talking about bugs).  But the bug from several weeks ago was the weirdest.

When I first saw it, it was up near the ceiling and it had the shape of an R, so of course, I had to call in reinforcements.  I do not deal with R’s by myself, especially ones on the ceiling.  I called Ryan to come spray it.  He came and used our R spray, and the thing leaped from the wall and out towards him!  Then, when it landed on the floor, it started to bounce!  And every time it bounced, it made a popping sound!

Bounce *Pop* Scream!

Bounce *Pop* Scream!

Bounce *Pop* Scream!

(The screaming was me, not the bug.)  It was bouncing about a foot in the air!  Ryan kept spraying it and it kept bouncing and popping, and I kept screaming!  Finally, with enough spray it stopped bouncing and died (my screams continued, however).

I have since wondered what type of bug it was, but I have a hard and fast rule that I do not search for bugs online because it would probably be much more information than I ever wanted to know about any bug.  So here I sit, torn between wanting to know what danger I face, and not wanting to know at all.  So far I’ve chosen ignorance.

*R’s are, well, if I could say the word, I wouldn’t call them “R’s”, so let’s suffice it to say that they scurry in the dark.  That’s all, I cannot speak of them any more.


~ by Amy on June 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Weird Bugs”


  2. You know, if you face your fear by learning a bit about them it might help … Though it might not help too. Never know til you try it, and you could totally start with something innocuous like dragonflies or honeybees, then ease into the more interesting stuff later. 😉

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