New Category

For those of you interested in only reading about my time in India, or about my other travels, please note the new category that I have added for those posts only: Imported Chocolate.  I thought about just calling it “India” but figured that would not encompass any traveling to other countries that we do and does not fit in with my chocolate theme.  I thought about “foreign”, to refer to chocolate from other countries, and that led me to “imported”.

Look for new posts under that tag in the next couple weeks.  Unfortunately, our internet is quite spotty right now, but I am keeping track of everything for posting at a later date.


~ by Amy on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “New Category”

  1. So you’re in India. I’ve been wondering when you were leaving and praying for yours & Ryan’s safety in travel. I’ll be praying now that God blesses you time there and that He will provide for your every need. I’ll look forward to reading your travel blog and perhaps hearing from you from time to time. Love you Amy! Judi

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