If you are a friend or family member (or even an acquaintance) of mine and do not know my family website url, please email me and let me know.  Occasionally, you’ll see some Hyderabad pictures on this site, but I will be posting most of my pictures on the family site from now on. 

Non-friends and non-family members (and non-acquaintances or acquaintances I don’t trust!), sorry, you’re out of luck.  You do not get to see me and my family in all its gloriousness.


~ by Amy on July 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Website”

  1. I’m hoping to see some Bolliwood (Bollywood?) reviews up here soon.

  2. Hi Amy, Love reading your blogs, you are so creative girl just like your parents! Well anyway, I would love to be able to view your family pictures as I miss your Mom & Dad. Thanks!

  3. I need your web address again….I’ve lost it. I thought I remembered it, but no…I’ve ended up at every “Amy & RYan” site on the WWW. 🙂

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