Grandparent Movie Review: Wall-E

My grandparents, I call them Bumma and Bumpa, went to see Wall-E last night.  Today I had the following conversation with them (it’s paraphrased a bit).

Bumpa: You know we went to see Wall-E last night, and we walked out half way through!
Me: You did?  Why?
Bumma (in background): Don’t tell her that!  She’ll think she has two duds for grandparents!
Bumpa (to me): Oh, we just thought there were too many explosions.
Me: Explosions?  Are you sure you were in the right theater?  I don’t remember any explosions!
Bumpa: And we heard people laughing so I laughed the loudest among them, but I didn’t know why.

Well, Bumma, don’t ever worry about me thinking you two are duds.  In fact, I think this conversation has made you both even more endearing!

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~ by Amy on July 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Grandparent Movie Review: Wall-E”

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  2. I think they were in the wrong theater….it’s a great movie. The Wall Street Journal said so!

  3. Will & Andy LOVED it! In fact, Will wants me to take him to see it again! I’m planning on taking him one afternoon soon. I’ll let you know what I think when I do. But this post made me laugh. Bumpa is hilarious.

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