I’m an adult and can do as I want! (Not really)

February is a special time of the year for me.  I’ll give you a couple seconds to guess why.

Did you guess?  Well, you’re wrong!  February is the month when grocery stores and drug stores all over America begin selling Cadbury Cream Eggs.  These lucious cream-filled chocolage eggs are only sold in this country several months out of the year, and unless your boyfriend is visiting London and sends you a huge box full of them in mid-summer (true story!), then you’re out of luck if you try to find them.

 Before college, my intake of these devilish delights was exteremely limited (ironically this should have been when I was gorging on them, as my metabolism was still fast enough to burn them off!).  However, when I got to college, and February came along, and I discovered a close friend had a similar taste for the eggs, we were buying them every chance we had. 

One year, however, I discovered that it was much better to wait until after Easter to purchase the heavenly things.  So that Monday, off I went to Target, and found them costing around 5 cents per egg!  This was a 400% mark down!  Well, I didn’t want to leave a one behind, so I grabbed the entire carton and trotted to the cashier.  As I walked, I found that children were staring at me, lust in their eyes.  One little boy in particular was almost drooling with desire.  I stopped and said, “Yes, I can do this because I’m an adult, and I can do what I want.”

OK, I didn’t actually say that, but it’s what I was thinking.  But unfortunately, I was only half true.  Because I’m an adult, I do have the ability and the power to go and purchase as many Cadbury Cream Eggs as I want.  But sadly, also because I’m an adult, I have to severely restrict my daily consumption of them.

But make no mistake, the Monday after Easter, I will be there again, with a carton full of my favorite sweet treat, inviting all the young eyes to stare and be jealous of the joys of adulthood.


~ by Amy on February 4, 2008.

One Response to “I’m an adult and can do as I want! (Not really)”

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