Whose house is this?

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending Saturday with one of my best friends.  But it wasn’t just any Saturday.  It was the day before her wedding.  Besides the normal pre-marital jitters, she was doing quite well and seemed very on top of things.  We had a couple hours before the rehearsal and dinner, so we decided to check into the house her family had rented for that night.  We arrived at the Inn and they directed us to the house across the street.  It was not available yet, as the cleaning crew was still inside, but we were welcome to sit on the porch and wait. 

While we waited, my friend finished up some last minute notes and her fiance, her sister, and I sat around chatting.  It was a beautiful day and we were content to just sit and wait for the house to be available.  I, being curious and just a tad nosy, pressed my face to the windows and peeked into the interior of the house and commented on the lovely furnishings and its size. 

Suddenly the phone rang and my friend jumped to get it.  “Where are you?” her mom questioned on the other end.  “We’re waiting at the house!” my friend answered.  “But I’m at the house and I don’t see you!”

We looked around to see her mom, and finally noticed her at the house next door!  I thought, she’s at the wrong house!  But then I noticed the cleaning crew coming out of that house’s doors, and the shoes and jackets hanging up inside the house whose porch we were lounging.  And then it dawned on us. 


~ by Amy on July 23, 2007.

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