Crazy has kids

Since my work often does not require my mind, sometimes I let it wander off wherever it wants to go.  Well today it got me thinking about sperm banks.  This is not as random as it sounds.  I just recently learned that a co-worker had visited such a place and now had two sweet little girls as a result.  The mom, however, is better known as “Crazy” around the office.  So today, while I was mindlessly working and hearing her screaming, I started wondering about these banks.  I mean, is there any kind of screening process?  Can any crazy woman go in there and request a withdrawl and hence receive one?  These women are going to be mothers, so shouldn’t they have to pass some sort of physical and psychological exam?  What about a criminal record?  Shouldn’t all of these factors be checked beforehand?  For all I know, they are, but I got to thinking this would make an interesting undercover investigative story.  So for any would-be reporters out there, feel free to use this idea and find out for me how easy it is to get a baby this way.  And to my family: this is not a hint of anything that is going on in my life, so get that out of your head right now!  I just want to know how Crazy managed to get some kids!


~ by Amy on July 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Crazy has kids”

  1. I haven’t checked your blogsite for a long time. Glad to see you have been writing recently, I love reading your blogs, they are always interesting and entertaining. As for Crazy (and lots of other people out there who have kids and probably shouldn’t), she must have bamboozled whoever screened her if she had to be screened. Are you going to see the Harry Potter movie tonight? Enjoy : )

    Mom W

  2. Amy, (How do you think of things like this to write about?) Since you came up with the (really interesting) question, I think you should investigate it. Also, I would have enjoyed reading your view as to what standards should be applied for the Crazys of the world to qualify. Dad

  3. I had to laugh at this post. It is certainly a valid question you have and I would only hope and pray that someone would do some screening (albeit lame in order for Crazy to pass) for the sake of these children that would be the result. Scary, let me tell you, but it’s no scarier than some of the people in this world who have procreated. There’s certainly no screening process out in the real world and after teaching for 7 years before having my own kids I seriously wondered if it should be illegal for some people to have children AND raise them. Perhaps it would be ok for them to bear the children, but them give them up for adoption or some such. I say all of this tongue in cheek, of course, and honestly would never want our country to get to this point, but it is scary when you see certain human being’s behaviors and lifestyles and think that they are perfectly able to have children, but SO NOT capable of caring for them in a proper and ideal way.

    Good post…interesting. I’m looking for a story to blow any day now thanks to your leading.


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