Italian Ice

Here is a perfect example of emotions gone awry:

 Due to the horrendous heat of late, our HR person just brought around Italian Ice for everyone in the building.  She came over to my cube and I chose my preferred flavor.  “What’s the occassion?” I asked.

“Hottest day of the year!” She answered and I laughed.  Ha ha ha.  (What else is there to talk about in an office but the weather?  Thank goodness for extremely hot days and blizzards.)

I brought my Ice back to my desk and looked at it.  How sweet, I thought.  I’m so excited to eat it.  And then I burst into tears. 

Like I said, emotions gone awry. 


~ by Amy on August 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “Italian Ice”

  1. Actually, this would be a pretty funny topic for conversation. What is the silliest thing you’ve ever cried about?

  2. I cried one time while reading about T-cells (or some sort of lymphocytes) and how when certain diseases attack the body they end up eating themselves. So the body slowly kills itself when it thinks it is saving it from intruders.

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